Good Friday 2020 – a meditation

Good Friday 2020 - a meditation

Thanks be to God. O Lord, with a tiny, invisible pathogen, you have shaken all the institutions of man. We have been haughty, relying on governments to keep us safe. We have been arrogant, believing we can understand all things, control all things, improve all things through science. We have been foolish, refusing the lessons … [Read more…]

Reviews, Please!

We’re so pleased that people are reading From Fortress to Freedom. We even have folks buying copies to give away to special friends and family, which is quite encouraging to Debbie as an author. If you’ve read the book, would you mind leaving a review on It doesn’t have to be long, just honest. … [Read more…]

From Fortress to Freedom

In January 2011, God used a simple compliment to change my life. I had long struggled to be good in the eyes of God and man. In my immature, perfectionist way, I had developed strict rules and high standards designed to protect me from harm.  I effectively built a fortress around myself, a safe but … [Read more…]