Sailor Moon

Maybe because I’m currently reading Moby Dick, I want to call this one a sailor moon. The air is crisp tonight, the wind fresh and sharp. I can imagine this moon sailing over a vast dark ocean, presiding over the battle between the seasons. Yesterday the heat seemed to be winning, but today was grey … [Read more…]

Snow Moon

This moon is a whisper, sshh-ing over the shining face of the silent snow. Hold your breath or you won’t see it. Breathe the chill air, you will feel it. This moon can see you; it sees me; it’s a bright eye with a twinkle smiling at the night world. Maybe it smiles because it … [Read more…]

Another Taste of Moonshine

Smooth and round a day ago, the lemon gelato moon has begun to melt, flattening from the top downward, and its light is puddling in the mist surrounding its base.

December Moon

This sky is the color “midnight blue” from a box of sixty-four Crayola crayons with sharpener, and it’s as featureless as the surface of that wax stylus when it was brand-new, shiny-smooth, as yet unmarked by fingernails or other crayons, still sharp and unbroken in its pristine wrapper with the neatly lettered, mysterious name. I … [Read more…]

November Moon

I wish I had a camera – or knew how to use a camera – to take a picture of the moon. I think of the moon as a friend. She is a companion in my evening walks, an encourager in my morning drives. I like to smile at the moon and imagine faraway loved … [Read more…]