Seaside Meditation

We live out life on a shore, a sandy windblown beach washed by the salty waters of life, the tears of the Savior weeping over us. Castles we build, some filigreed and grand, some solid and plain, structures scraped and molded from the ground beneath our feet, the dust that forms us and will reclaim … [Read more…]

What’s Your Scary Story?

What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever done? It sounds like an icebreaker question at a twenty-something party. It isn’t. It’s the cry of a desperate person facing a scary day, gritting her teeth, gripping the glass of water she’s sipping to stay still. I guess when I’m scared I don’t want to be alone. THAT’s … [Read more…]

After God’s Own Heart

after God’s heart – I just realized it doesn’t mean “dear to God’s heart” it means chasing after, seeking, following, trying to find God’s heart David was after God’s heart because he turned around and faced God every time he realized he’d stopped seeking God he messed up, over and over he forgot to seek … [Read more…]

Bare – Five Minute Friday

I’ve spent some time with “nude” and “naked” in recent months. I’m not sure if “bare” fits in with those somewhere or not. I do know that when I come to God, if I let myself go all the way into His presence, I am bare when I get there. He sees me bare all … [Read more…]

Fresh Air and Rest

Sometimes I forget things that I’ve known all my life. “Some fresh air will do you good.” I think that as a child I thought that meant I should go away and leave someone alone and entertain myself for a while. In my Very Adult Life I don’t have time to entertain myself for a … [Read more…]

Oklahoma Sooner or Later

Soooooo . . . Trying to save money for the second son in college, we chose to get a trailer hitch, borrow a trailer, and drive from Gainesville/Athens, GA, to Oklahoma City. We chose the less steep route, knowing the minivan would be at its limits. The plan was to take our time and save … [Read more…]