A Moment of Music

My heart is aching for music. I’m in the mountains with only two of my children, just the three of us, and I’ve been awake for hours, alone. This never happens at home, of course. It is a time to cherish, a time to pay attention to what I want, just me, and one thing … [Read more…]

Broken – Five Minute Friday

This week’s Five Minute Friday prompt is “Broken.” I wasn’t ready for it Friday. Not on Good Friday, the day of all the year when I am most swept away by the spiritual. Not on the day when my attention is continually drawn to events that changed the world a couple of thousand years ago, events … [Read more…]

I Am A Woman

Today is an I Am A Woman sort of day. I guess I realized it when my daughter (9) and a girlfriend (15) started planning to get together for a visit. The friend lives an hour away so at least two parents (40-something and 50-something) are now involved in this adventure. I was all fine … [Read more…]

Remember – Five Minute Friday

It’s Friday again, time to get my prompt from Lisa Jo Baker and her Five Minute Friday challenge. She posts a word just after midnight Eastern time and a whole bunch of us write in response for five minutes.  We’re supposed to write freely, without editing, backtracking, or overthinking. This week’s prompt was “Remember,” so I did! … [Read more…]

Rest – Five Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday. Go. I’ve been so busy today I haven’t stopped even to think about writing about rest. Huh. Usually I think while I’m being busy. What happened? It seems that when I feel too busy I stop thinking about rest because instead I’m thinking about what else I need to be busy doing. … [Read more…]

Can We Ever Sacrifice?

“He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose.” –       Jim Elliot I’m thinking about sacrifice today along with Ann Voscamp and others in her community over on her page. I am thinking about sacrifice, and this sentence comes to mind.“He is no fool who gives what … [Read more…]

Home – Five Minute Friday

Home is the place where there is no space between where I am and where I want to be. Home is the source of strength in the course of days without air – it’s where I can breathe free. Home is the light that keeps me alive, a lamp for my feet as I travel … [Read more…]

Ordinary – Five Minute Friday

Ordinary. Brushing teeth, taking a shower, making lunch. Everyday things. I cherish ordinary moments. My life is made of moments – I realized that long ago – and I don’t wish to waste any of them. So to the best of my ability I pay attention to them. I pay attention now, not later, looking … [Read more…]

Fuzzy Morning

I think I woke up too early today. I wrote so I’d have something to hold for balance. As I finished, God’s sweet birds started singing outside my window, and I realized life was ok after all. I’m sharing what I wrote in case you have fuzzy mornings, too. I guess it’s hardest in the … [Read more…]