Fifteen Fahrenheit

I sat on the worn porch steps, alone in the peaceful dark of winter. The blue-black sky was pierced with stars, studded in the familiar patterns of the season, and the quarter moon floated silently, a white boat sailing westward through the night. Not only the moon was silent. The world held its breath, too … [Read more…]

I Just Want to Say

I guess I want to say today, this first day of a new year, that even when life doesn’t make sense, I still believe in God. I guess I want to write this down, mark this, that despite my lack of understanding, I believe God’s understanding is greater than mine, and in His mind, my … [Read more…]

Another Taste of Moonshine

Smooth and round a day ago, the lemon gelato moon has begun to melt, flattening from the top downward, and its light is puddling in the mist surrounding its base.

December Moon

This sky is the color “midnight blue” from a box of sixty-four Crayola crayons with sharpener, and it’s as featureless as the surface of that wax stylus when it was brand-new, shiny-smooth, as yet unmarked by fingernails or other crayons, still sharp and unbroken in its pristine wrapper with the neatly lettered, mysterious name. I … [Read more…]

Nelson Mandela Has Died

It’s a dark and dangerous jungle out there, full of tangled vines hanging heavy with hidden intentions as well as gaudy displays of obvious positions. Tooth and claw are ever ready to slash and gash the unwary as well as the aware. A man died in that jungle. Like every man, he had done good … [Read more…]

Beautiful Day

Beautiful Day

“What a pretty day!” I comment to my husband, every time we’re together in the car. It’s a new thing, a new feeling, a new appreciation of the beauty of each day. Sunshine? “What a pretty day!” Fog? “What a pretty day!” Autumn colors? “What a pretty day!” Cold drizzle? “What a pretty day!” I … [Read more…]

November Moon

I wish I had a camera – or knew how to use a camera – to take a picture of the moon. I think of the moon as a friend. She is a companion in my evening walks, an encourager in my morning drives. I like to smile at the moon and imagine faraway loved … [Read more…]

What Do You Do with a Flower?

Do you pick a flower? A singular blossom, deep with color, fragrant in the sun – do you cut it, bring it in and watch it, beaming, meditating on its singular beauty? Keep the water fresh, trim the leaves as they wither. Do you hold it in your fingers gently, cradling its life slipping away, … [Read more…]

Red – Five Minute Friday

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been able to post here, but I couldn’t pass up this prompt. It’s about me! Red? I AM red. Red hair is the first thing people notice and the last thing they forget about me. It was my nickname through elementary and even high school: Debbie the Red, … [Read more…]

Beyond the Masks

I’m living with that idea from drama class – that acting is learning to take off masks. I’m living with it, letting it steep and percolate. I’m trying not to resist it, trying to keep from running away to hide behind my masks, behind my walls, behind my . . . behind my roles. Can … [Read more…]