Unclean Lips

I heard a sermon based on Isaiah 6:1-7. Isaiah was ashamed of himself, of his people, of his king who was dying of leprosy. Specifically he was ashamed of his lips, and God specifically healed him there. Lepers lose digits, limbs, even lips. Their wounds fester and do not heal. In Isaiah’s day, there was … [Read more…]

Mess – Five Minute Friday

Mess is an artificial construct, an implied judgment that reveals more about the speaker than the situation. That’s my fancy way of saying there’s no such thing as a mess unless you want to call it a mess. My mother didn’t like to bake bread because it was too messy. She baked biscuits, but that … [Read more…]

Jiggity Jig

Back on familiar ground, dancing familiar steps. I have a newly stiff back, a still-sore knee, and a slightly off-kilter internal clock. I’ve hugged some children (and exactly one husband), sorted some laundry, fed some pets, emptied some trash. It’s bedtime but I’m not ready. I’m the one who used to hide in the darkened … [Read more…]

Flying High

He laughed at me, this young man full of life and energy, ever spilling over with amusement. “Wow, Mom, did you ever do acid?” A fair enough question, it was. I’d been talking about my recent airplane trip, the first time I’d flown with no one to watch over and no one to watch over … [Read more…]

Friend – Five Minute Friday

I took the Five Minute Friday instructions pretty literally this time. I read the prompt and just wrote for five minutes, letting the words line themselves up on the page. I decided to leave it as is, stream of consciousness, train of thought – even though I’m not sure the train’s on the track at … [Read more…]

Glue – Five Minute Friday

Glue - Five Minute Friday

Glue?  I’m chuckling, ever since I read the writing prompt.Glue, as in the stuff that keeps siblings encouraging one another instead of tearing each other down? Glue, as in the stuff that holds together the confidence of aging parents, supporting and ministering and accommodating so that they have space to be and keep becoming as … [Read more…]

Love Leaves a Mark

Love Leaves a Mark

Recently I needed to take off my wedding band and I was reminded again that whether I wear the ring or not, the promise is on my hand. The finger has grown into the commitment, taken the shape of the vow. It’s narrower there at the base where a ring has rested for going on … [Read more…]

Soft in the Middle

I found these words and re-read them today. I’m glad, because I needed to hear them again. I wrote them months ago, on ruled notebook paper, with a pencil, the really old-fashioned way. Sometimes when the need to write presses me, I want to press as well, to feel the words pushing their way onto … [Read more…]

Snow Moon

This moon is a whisper, sshh-ing over the shining face of the silent snow. Hold your breath or you won’t see it. Breathe the chill air, you will feel it. This moon can see you; it sees me; it’s a bright eye with a twinkle smiling at the night world. Maybe it smiles because it … [Read more…]

Rainbow Snow Day

Seated at the kitchen table, again and still. It’s been two days of snow now, slowly but steadily increasing the white cover on the back lawn. I have trouble, on snow days, moving away from windows. This window is large, a bay, and my shepherd’s crook birdfeeder is just outside, so needless to say I’ve … [Read more…]