Hitting the road. Pack the essentials. Be prepared. Ready for anything. Not. How can I be prepared for the tautness of spirit, the familiar result of the typically unexpected journey? I plan.Map, clock, weather report. Check.GPS, phone, warm coat. Check. I’ve been preparing for my whole life. Listening, watching, noting. He drove a bus for … [Read more…]


It’s been a week of paradox; I guess that’s nothing new. It seems that God delights in the unexpected. “Just when I think things can’t get any worse,” says the pessimist – but for me, when I walk in faith, the conclusion of that sentence is, “my world explodes in joy.” It’s been a week … [Read more…]

Stay (Five-Minute Friday)

Stay with me; stay the course; stays? I wonder what the roots of the word mean . . . but I know what the fruits of the word are. If I stay with you when you need me, I become a better person. I pour out myself, empty and refill, and I care for another. … [Read more…]

Quiet in the Noise

Quiet is not a sound or a lack of sound for me. It is a place I go. I can choose quiet and go there any time I like. Today, for example, I went there. I’m a mother of five children, aged nine to twenty-two. Today they were coming and going, working and playing, singing … [Read more…]