Good Friday 2020 – a meditation

Good Friday 2020 - a meditation

Thanks be to God. O Lord, with a tiny, invisible pathogen, you have shaken all the institutions of man. We have been haughty, relying on governments to keep us safe. We have been arrogant, believing we can understand all things, control all things, improve all things through science. We have been foolish, refusing the lessons … [Read more…]

Broken Legs

I walk on broken legs. It’s a start of a poem, perhaps. But I don’t have those words yet. When I first wrote the sentence, it was early in the morning; I woke with the words in my mouth. I had unclear images – the pain of walking on an unsupported broken bone (which I … [Read more…]

Summoned to Be

In January of 2011 I began writing, under pressing inspiration, early every morning, for months. When the inspiration stopped, the writing stopped, because I don’t have the heart to fight to write. If it flows, I love it; if it isn’t flowing, it’s just awful and pedantic and clunky and I throw it away. I … [Read more…]

No More War?

As Memorial Day approached, there were reminders of the difference between this and Veteran’s Day. My heart doesn’t need reminding. I have enough memories to keep things in focus. I grew up in an Air Force family, and my son spent time in the Army, and many of his friends are still on my prayer … [Read more…]

Remember to Vote

It’s Super Tuesday and I’m part of the apparently super electorate. I’m reminding myself to vote. Vote. Don’t forget to vote. I’ve honestly been trying NOT to think about voting this year because there’s not a single viable candidate I’m comfortable supporting, not in any party. Still, I don’t want to “waste my vote” – … [Read more…]

Hard Love, June 26, 2015

I started to go to a funeral today. I did not know the deceased, had never heard of him until a young man exploded and killed nine people inside a house of God, and the news exploded all over every kind of media outlet. I said I would go: I would stand between the mourners … [Read more…]

For Earth Day

If you read much of my work, you’ll know I’m visual. A couple of years ago I had to stop my car by the interstate to write about a picture I’d just seen. The poem follows. It saddens me that we humans are so gifted with foresight and insight, so capable of visualizing and then … [Read more…]

Damp Yellow Day

It’s a damp yellow day. Renewed life clings to my skin when I step outdoors. The moist breath of earth and of sky join as one, and the creatures caught in the embrace sing in celebration. I can’t count the birds any more than I can count birdsong. Excess cannot be enumerated. I will not … [Read more…]

Good Friday

This is the last of my writings from Holy Week 2011. It was a week of study, prayer, meditation, and revelation. Throughout the night when we commemorate His Passion, I was awake and aware of the Lord speaking to my heart in an unusual, very visual way. This is what I saw and understood on … [Read more…]