Exhale – Five Minute Friday

Exhale? But what if there’s no air left to inhale? Isn’t it better to hold my breath, concentrate on staying alive without breathing? There’s too much in the air, too much discouragement, too much pain, too much disappointment, too much negativism. It’s so polluted, I’d rather not breathe. I guess it doesn’t make sense, though, … [Read more…]

Grateful? – Five Minute Friday

Last Friday’s prompt for Five Minute Friday was “grateful.” I was surprised by how difficult it was for me to write on that. Finally, today, on Wednesday, I was able to find words to respond to the prompt. Five minutes; here goes: Grateful? Gracious, I hadn’t thought of it recently. Grace – we say thank … [Read more…]

Mess – Five Minute Friday

Mess is an artificial construct, an implied judgment that reveals more about the speaker than the situation. That’s my fancy way of saying there’s no such thing as a mess unless you want to call it a mess. My mother didn’t like to bake bread because it was too messy. She baked biscuits, but that … [Read more…]

Friend – Five Minute Friday

I took the Five Minute Friday instructions pretty literally this time. I read the prompt and just wrote for five minutes, letting the words line themselves up on the page. I decided to leave it as is, stream of consciousness, train of thought – even though I’m not sure the train’s on the track at … [Read more…]

Glue – Five Minute Friday

Glue - Five Minute Friday

Glue?  I’m chuckling, ever since I read the writing prompt.Glue, as in the stuff that keeps siblings encouraging one another instead of tearing each other down? Glue, as in the stuff that holds together the confidence of aging parents, supporting and ministering and accommodating so that they have space to be and keep becoming as … [Read more…]

Red – Five Minute Friday

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been able to post here, but I couldn’t pass up this prompt. It’s about me! Red? I AM red. Red hair is the first thing people notice and the last thing they forget about me. It was my nickname through elementary and even high school: Debbie the Red, … [Read more…]

Small – Five Minute Friday

Lisa-Jo Baker describes the Five Minute Friday group as “a brave and beautiful bunch.” Some days I’m braver than other days. I tell my children that being brave is not the same as not being scared: being brave is doing the important thing even when you’re scared, I say. Today, I’m brave. The Five Minute … [Read more…]

Beautiful – Five Minute Friday

I’ve finally come to the place where I know I am beautiful because God made me so. I’ve said those words before, but the change is that now I can honestly look in the mirror and see this body, worn from many years childbearing and childrearing, and know that the picture in the mirror is … [Read more…]

Listen – Five Minute Friday

I need to listen. I am a good listener, to those around me. I’m not so good at listening to me, though. I forget even to have a me sometimes. If I listen, though, I’m there. Too often I think I’m listening to me when what I’m really doing is talking to me. Instead of … [Read more…]

Fall – Five Minute Friday

The password is “fall.” Remember when Password was a game, not a fixture of life? It fell by the wayside about the same time as Richard Nixon. Almost that long ago, well, only a few years later, I received a microwave oven as a birthday gift from my soon-to-be-ex-fiancé. He fell away shortly thereafter, before … [Read more…]