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From Fortress to Freedom

Walls can take years to construct. We build them for all sorts of purposes, but mostly because we believe that walls keep us safe. But what if erecting all of these protective walls and establishing all of these safety rules really only imprisons us — leaving us with nothing more than a false sense of security?

From Fortress to Freedom tells the story of the dismantling of the walls that kept author Deborah L. W. Roszel from experiencing the true joy and freedom that exist in God’s garden outside of those walls.


The Mom’s Guide to Surviving West Point  (New 2nd Edition!)

Co-authors Lisa Browne Joiner and Deborah L. W. Roszel team up to bring advice and strong encouragement to parents of the young men and women who dare to step up to the long gray line as cadets at West Point, the United States Military Academy.  The advice is good for all parents, but the straight talk tempered with humor brings sage wisdom to those who need it most, the parents who’ve not just dropped their students off at college, but have simultaneously bid them farewell (in 60 seconds) as they enter the ranks of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Visit the official website of The Mom’s Guide to Surviving West Point here.


 The Five Love Languages – Military Edition

In addition to her own published work, Debbie has also contributed to The Five Love Languages – Military Edition by Gary Chapman, published by Northfield Publishing. Having both grown up the daughter of an Air Force Dad and raised a son who joined the Army, Deborah is familiar with multiple sides of the military family struggle.  Her contribution, in which she shares a bit of her own story of love and the challenges of separation and the languages that best communicate these feelings in her life, can be found on The Five Love Languages – Military Edition website.  You can download a PDF of the article, Love Languages of Military Children, by clicking the link below.