“I grew up halfway in the Air Force and halfway in rural South Carolina – at least that’s where I reached the age of legal adulthood. I’m still growing up! Currently, I’m thriving in north Georgia as a wife, mother, friend, author, and joy-filled child of God.” – DLWR

Deborah L. W. Roszel (Debbie) was born in Statesboro, Georgia, but she had homes in New York, two parts of North Carolina, and Germany before her father retired from the Air Force to South Carolina. She finished high school in South Carolina and is a graduate of Furman University with a B.A. in Psychology. Her graduate studies in gifted education were interrupted by marriage and child-rearing; she home schooled her own five gifted children, and she continues to tutor many others in various subject areas. She is passionate about lifelong learning and teaching.

Her writing comes from that passion. Not one to waste words or time – her own or anyone else’s – she isn’t interested in speaking unless there is something worthwhile to say. Debbie’s writing is both intellectually and emotionally engaging, and it comes from her desire to share life’s journey with others and her hope that her experiences might be supportive for those traveling alongside.

Debbie’s books include The Mom’s Guide to Surviving West Point, which she co-authored with Lisa Browne Joiner in 2012; and From Fortress to Freedom, a series of revelations as she moved from a life of far too many rules and restrictions into a world of joy and liberty, released in December 2014.

Debbie enjoys sharing her story. She speaks to parent organizations, church groups, conferences, and private gatherings.