Remember to Vote

your_vote_counts_button_3It’s Super Tuesday and I’m part of the apparently super electorate. I’m reminding myself to vote. Vote. Don’t forget to vote. I’ve honestly been trying NOT to think about voting this year because there’s not a single viable candidate I’m comfortable supporting, not in any party. Still, I don’t want to “waste my vote” – it is a privilege to live in a nation with a choice. I know I’m not alone in feeling this way for the past many months.

Yesterday I remembered something important: Presidents not only serve the people, but they hold office by the grace of God. Yes, grace. Even if it seems unpleasant, even terrifying, to contemplate the possibility of ___fill in my greatest fear____ in office, God is greater than my greatest fear. He’s greater than yours, too. I will choose to believe that His leadership plan is not only greater than any offered by a person running for office, but it is also, ultimately and integrally, a good plan. I hope you will join me in praying not just the passive prayer, “Thy will be done,” but the tougher one that might require some grueling work, some suffering, some sacrifice, some loss of pride: “Here am I. Send me.” I will stop wringing my hands and throwing up my hands, and instead I will offer my hands in service to make this crazy, fallen nation and planet better.

Send me, Lord, into a world with problems so big that no one person, no one party, no one movement can do more than barely begin to make positive change. Send me, Lord, into a place where children are starving, where innocents are murdered, where war is unending, where hope is fading. Send me, Lord, into a fight where people forget their own personal standards and good manners in their passion to defend their cause. Send me, Lord, into a debate where being right is more important than being kind and loving, where winning votes is more important than being honest and upright, where being on top is more important than being respectful or respected. So may it be.

I guess this is particularly for my friends in Alabama, Alaska, Colorado, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, and Wyoming, though I think there are a couple of those where I don’t have a friend right now. (Also, I’m pretty sure I don’t know a soul in American Samoa, but if you’re reading this there, this is for you.) Please pray. Remember to pray. Vote. Remember to vote.

And for all of us, whether we’ve voted or not, please, pray some more. Remember.

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