For Earth Day

If you read much of my work, you’ll know I’m visual. A couple of years ago I had to stop my car by the interstate to write about a picture I’d just seen. The poem follows.

It saddens me that we humans are so gifted with foresight and insight, so capable of visualizing and then realizing the unseen, but that we are still lured by the sight of easy gain, pleasure and leisure such that we create visual scars in the pursuit of beauty. How can we be so short-sighted?

On this Earth Day, I want to wish that we would learn to live in peace with God’s beauty, rather than imposing our flawed ideas on His perfection.

And here’s my poem.


Unnatural Lakes

Nature abhors a vacuum,
So she recoils from our vacuous efforts:
“Here I will make me a world.”
We stop the flow of life
to make a wish,
and the shores we form are barren scars,
scraped raw by the bitter untrue dreams
that fill the basins behind our dams.
Mud and rotten wood,
jagged rock we throw to cover our failure,
and we dare
to call it real estate
with value added.
Sour, the real taste
of this real estate.
DLWR, 02-01-2013

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