Easter Preparation

All is false. All that we admire and respect and take pride in—apart from God—is false. Oh, my God, the filthy rags of our worthless works—they smell of death; they are putrid beyond description. How it must nauseate You even to look on us and our ridiculous attempts to make ourselves into gods, “to be like God,” to be complete and whole in ourselves. We cannot be so.

The Serpent knew and he still knows that this one desire is at the very heart of all our temptation. How often I have wondered why it was worded that way, his original temptation to our original sin. “For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods . . .” (Genesis 3:5, emphasis added). Now, now I see. And seeing, I know yet again that Your Word is infallible.

You love words even more than I do, more than I can. You created language in its original pure form. We even messed that up. At Babel, again, we aspired to be like God, to be gods ourselves. And against Your own original desire for us to be ever in communion with You and with each other, in Your absolute love You confused our tongues and our ears. Soon, our minds and relationships became confused. Like a good parent of disobedient children, to save us from hurting ourselves even more, You separated us from one another.

The separation grew deeper and wider. We cannot traverse that gap, ever. No tower, no bridge, no utopian city can ever restore us to the fellowship of communion with You; nor can we experience true and honest fellowship with one another. We cannot be like God; we cannot be near God. Only death, Your death, on the cross, fulfilling all the requirements of the Law that we had flouted, could bring us back to life in community. By laying down Your life on the cross, You made it possible once again for us to cross the divide between our falseness and Your truth, our despair and Your hope, our emptiness and Your fullness. Separating Yourself from Your very self, You made it possible for us to come again to the wholeness for which we were created. Once again we are able to glorify You and to enjoy You, forever.

We were made for fellowship, for communion, for community: not only to know You, one-on-one, but to know You in all your manifestations: You in Trinity, You in the bodies of all those adopted into Your body, Your family. Thank you for restoring us to that original purpose and position. Thank you for the truth that sets us free, makes us whole, gives us worth, and brings us full access to all of You, forever.

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Ghost;
As it was in the beginning,
Is now,
And ever shall be;
World without end.

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