Listen – Five Minute Friday

I need to listen. I am a good listener, to those around me. I’m not so good at listening to me, though. I forget even to have a me sometimes. If I listen, though, I’m there.

Too often I think I’m listening to me when what I’m really doing is talking to me. Instead of paying attention to what I think or feel, I’m telling myself what I ought to think or feel. It’s a delicate balance; sometimes I need someone to tell me how to behave, because I am selfish and arrogant and mean, but I’m not always those things, and they don’t define all of me. Sometimes I listen to myself talking in the voice that tells me how to behave and it squashes my spirit and keeps me from celebrating the joy and beauty and peace that also reside in me. Talk less, listen more. I need to do that.

More important is that when I listen honestly, God is there. I hear what other people say about God. I read the Bible to hear about God. When I get still and listen, though, I hear God. I hear what He says about Himself and what He says about me.

I have to be very, very quiet to listen in that way. I have to be so still that I hear my own breath before I can hear the inspired God-breathed words. It only takes a moment, though. I don’t have to go far away. I don’t even have to be alone.

All I need to do is listen.


  1. I am much better at listening to the negative voices inside my head than the voice of the Spirit and of Truth. Leaning in to truly hear His voice! Blessed to be visiting from the Five Minute Friday!

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