Rest – Five Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday. Go.

I’ve been so busy today I haven’t stopped even to think about writing about rest.


Usually I think while I’m being busy. What happened?

It seems that when I feel too busy I stop thinking about rest because instead I’m thinking about what else I need to be busy doing. My thoughts are agitated – just like clothes in the washer, turning and churning, going nowhere – but my thoughts don’t improve during this cycle. They don’t get cleaner or brighter or more colorful. Instead they tend to spin me dry. Sometimes it feels more like they’re being washed by hand, my head banging against a rock or bumping along a washboard. Still, they don’t look any better after the full treatment, and neither do I. And the rest I need, basking in the light and warmth of God’s peace, is no nearer when my thoughts are twisted around one another, wrung out and piled up, waiting for whatever comes next.

Lord, help me to rest. It’s after midnight! Why do I keep pressing when I’ve been exhausted three times already today, barely able to keep moving? Will You please take these messy thoughts, my mental dirty laundry? Will You spot treat or soak or whatever they need so that when You hang them to dry I’ll see order and light again? Oh, Father, how many times You have done my laundry when I haven’t asked. Thank you for making me aware today that I need to ask, and thank you for letting me rest while You do the work I cannot do.


Unwind, unwind, unwind. I’m going to take it on faith that my prayer will be answered, and that will be rest indeed.


  1. So beautifully written! You are so dear to me, even though we’ve never met in person. I love to read everything you write. I may not always comment, but know I definitely do read. You are a beautiful, wonderful, amazing child of God, and therefore you are my sister. And I’m praying that this season of go, go, go will soon slow a tad so you may breathe more freely. Praying for you, and love you, dear one!

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